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Video Appointments

Below is a check-list to help you prepare for your video appointment. We hope to answer your questions and address any concerns. Please, however, feel free to call our office if you require further clarification.

What is a Video Appointment?

Video technology connects patients with medical professionals in real time by phone or online. Medical professionals can now evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using technology like video conferencing and smartphones - all without the need for an in-person visit. It is important to note that a video appointment is used for non-emergency health situations, like a cold, fever, skin condition, or sinus infection. A video appointment is also used to conduct preventative care visits, such as annual wellness visits.

Preparing for your Video Appointment

Before your visit:

  • Choose a private, well-lit, and quiet place for your visit. Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit for the visit and that your camera provides a clear view of you for the provider.
  • If you are seeing your doctor because you don't feel well, make a list of your current symptoms and when they started.
  • Have paper and a pen ready for taking notes during the call.

Be prepared to review/discuss:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and supplements you're currently taking (it is best to have the bottles in front of you)
  • Your pharmacy phone number and address
  • The name of your primary doctor and any specialists whom you’re currently seeing
  • Insurance and credit card information
  • If possible, measure and record your vital signs approximately one hour in advance of your visit. These may include your height, weight, temperature, pulse, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure.

Check your technology:

  • For a video visit you will need a camera-equipped phone, tablet or computer.
  • Is the device fully charged or plugged in?
  • Do you have a reliable internet connection?
  • Close any open applications on your device prior to visit.

During your video appointment:

  • Avoid streaming (such as music or TV shows) or, if possible, using other Wi-Fi dependent devices.

We hope this checklist was helpful in preparing for your visit and we look forward to seeing you soon!